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Help Us Save Lives with Your Financial Contribution Today

If you aren't able to give blood, you can still save lives with your financial contribution.


Vitalant Foundation secures funding to make medical miracles possible.

Help us make medical miracles possible through ensuring a safe, ample, and diverse blood supply, supporting blood-related medical research, and helping us maintain the most up-to-date equipment and facilities.

Blood donation saves lives. For Arielle and Charlie, whose son Christian (pictured above) needed three intrauterine blood transfusions while he was still in the womb and six more after he was born, Vitalant and its supporters made a lifesaving difference. Thanks to blood donors from all over the United States as well as financial contributors, Christian is growing up healthy and happy with his family.

In the words of young Christian's parents, Arielle and Charlie:
For those who donated selflessly, we would thank every single one of them. Shake their hand, hug them, because everybody who woke up that day and decided to donate their blood saved our son's life.

Even if you cannot give blood, you can still save lives by making a financial contribution to Blood Science Foundation, the fundraising arm of Vitalant.

Your gift will help to make more medical miracles possible.

If you would care to make a pledge to the Vitalant Foundation, please contact our Foundation Administrative Coordinator, Ryan Scarola, at 412-209-7651 or